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How To Find The Best Eyelash Supplier Accurately When Start To Do Lash Business

How To Find The Best Eyelash Supplier Accurately When Start To Do Eyelash Business

How to choose a good eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturer, how to wholesale mink lashes to get better quality. These are often the focus of attention of people who have just started the eyelash business.

Mink lashes manufacturer wholesale mink lashes

Many people think that when they start doing eyelash business, they should buy cheap eyelashes to sell, because the start eyelash business is just not making money. Therefore, they will rejected the high-priced wholesale mink strip lashes products.

mink eyelash manufacturer wholesale mink lashes

For this idea, I just want to say that this idea is wrong. For those who just started the eyelash business, it is better to buy good quality eyelashes, even though we spend the same amount of money to buy eyelashes that are not as good as low-priced eyelashes. but please believe me, the customers you get will be of high quality, and even more and more. Because the quality of the mink strip eyelashes is very important for the beginning of business.

wholesale mink lashes manufacturer

The cheaper lashes they are destroy the stone of your business,you will pay too much attention for the after sale service,you should avoid the after sale cost.Even more ,your business line will be destroyed by the dangerous cheap lashes,if they do harm to your customer.

So you should not only to see the price when purchase lashes,you’d better chose a competitive and reliable mink lashes manufacturer with reasonable price,and the luxury 3d mink lashes would be your promotions specialist and you will don’t have to consider your after sale service.

Mink Lashes supplier wholesale mink eyelash

At last ,good luck and you are lucky to be here,anything about the 3d mink lashes and custom packaging box. Welcome contact us WhatsApp:+8618561610496



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How To Do Can Reuse Mink Lashes More Times?

How To Do Can Reuse Mink Lashes More Times?

Mink eyelashes is popular and more beautiful when wearing it. And Most people buy 3d mink eyelashes. We will spend a lot of money to buy the high quality eyelashes in order to increase the use of eyelashes, but there is still no way to make the eyelashes last longer. It’s not our mink eyelashes are not good enough, but our use and care are not suitable, resulting in shortened mink eyelashes life. We will share several tips to increase the life of the mink eyelashes.

♠Take out eyelashes tips.

When we take the eyelashes out of the box, don’t pull the eyelashes hardly. We can use the tweezers to clamp the end of the eyelashes near the middle, slowly remove the eyelashes, prevent the eyelashes from falling off or deforming the eyelashes.

♠ Wearing eyelashes tips.

Do not apply eye shadow and mascara directly to the false eyelashes. You should first paint your eye makeup, then wear false eyelashes and keep the false eyelashes clean so as not to interfere with your next use.

♠ Clean eyelashes tips.

Washing Lemer Lashes with water gentle. We can clean our eyelashes with some cleaning fluid. After cleaning, wrap my eyelashes with paper to absorb water, then blow dry with a hair dryer. After the eyelash dry, brush your eyelashes with an eyelash brush, then put them back into the eyelash box.


Lemer Lashes is wholesale mink eyelashes vendor. If you have any questions about mink lashes, you can send us message and we can help solve your problems. If you want to wholesale mink eyelashes, you also can contact us and we will recommend hot and suitable eyelash styles for you.


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How To Remove Mink Lashes By Yourself Easily?

How To Remove Mink Lashes By Yourself Easily?

Proper use of false eyelashes is not just a way to wear it properly. How to properly remove the strip eyelashes is also important. You definitely don’t want to damage your natural eyelashes and suede lashes, you don’t want to feel pain when removing false eyelashes. It is also a very important step to remove them with such care.

1st step:
Depending on the amount of eyelash glue you use, you can pinch the outside of the three eyelashes between them and gently pull the false eyelashes out of your eyes until it completely leaves your eyes. This won’t hurt your eyes or hurt your false eyelashes.

2nd step:
If the eyelash glue you use is more viscous, then you need to use something to loosen the glue, which makes it easier to remove the lashes. We recommend that you use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of baby oil and then gently apply it along the roots of the eyelashes. This will help loosen the eyelash glue and let the eyelashes slide naturally without pulling. Be careful not to let baby oil get into your eyes. If you accidentally inject baby oil into your eyes, wash it thoroughly with clean cold water.

3rd step:
After successful removal of mink lashes, if you want to reuse mink lashes, you need to protect them. We recommend cleaning the glue at the root of the eyelashes next time. You can use a gentle eye make-up remover, then apply it to a cotton swab and gently wipe along the roots of the eyelashes to thoroughly clean the mink eyelashes.

How To Clean The Glue On Mink Eyelashes?

♥Prepare a clean cotton, the use of the mink lashes on the cotton carefully.

♥Take a cotton swab, stained eye makeup remover, and then painted in the roots of mink lashes.

♥When coated with a cotton swab a little effort, so that you can successfully pull down some residual glue.

♥If you have more stubborn eyelash glue band can not come down, you can gently pull with your fingers pull down.

♥Mink lashes band are very fragile, so be gentle. Turn it over and over again, clean it up one by one along the mink lashes.

♥Always pull the cotton swab back and forth, until no color can be pulled down, the stem is not sticky. Then gently clean the cotton pad with a clean spot.

♥Handle the cotton band of mink lashes to dry slightly  .

♥Finally, mink lashes cleaning well preserved and put in original eyelash box

Proper use of  mink eyelashes is very important. This won’t hurt your natural eyelashes, it will also make your false eyelashes use more times. We hope this article can help you. We also hope that we can become your best mink eyelash supplier and wholesale mink lashes vendor.

If You Have Any Inquiry Or Wholesale Mink Lashes, Pls Contact Us Below

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How To Win Long Time Cooperation And More Trust With Customers?

How To Win Long Time Working And More Trust With Customers?

Today, there are many mink lashes suppliers on the market, and there are many mink lashes customers. How to stand out among the many mink strip lashes suppliers and win the trust of customers? Today we will discuss this issue.

In order to win the trust of customers, we must first let customers believe in you, are willing to buy eyelashes here, and willing to be your loyal customers, so we must be honest, do not sell eyelashes to sell eyelashes, we must think about  for customers, Put the customer’s interests at the first, knowing what kind of eyelashes will make the customer sell better, what kind of eyelashes are hot, and give customers better advice.


Another important is production update.
We must pay attention to timely updates of good information. If there is a new style, we must promptly inform the customer, occupy the eyelash market in advance, and update the information in advance to win the eyelash customer and provide the best source of goods for the customer.

Finally, this is a good service. We must work hard to make friends with customers, not just buying and selling. Only when we understand each other can we achieve a win-win situation in business. As long as we achieve these factors, we will certainly win the trust of our customers and establish long-term relationships with our customers.


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What Should Know More About Mink Eyelashes?

What Should Know More About Mink Eyelashes?

There are many ways to get beautiful eyes, wearing false eyelashes you can look more attractive,confident and glam. Whether it’s a dance night or a company party, it’s impossible to use eyelash curlers or pure mascara to make your eyes look amazing like false eyelashes.

To make your eyes look more dreamy, you can choose different types false eyelashes. In general, we Lemer Lashes have three types of false eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes, faux mink eyelashes and mink eyelashes. The last one is the most expensive, it is made of real mink fur. There are many different lengths mink eyelashes, 16mm mink eyelashes, 18mm mink strip lashes, 20mm mink lashes, 25mm mink  strip lashes. However, no matter what eyelashes you use, you should take some safety measures so that you won’t have any problems affecting beauty.

Learn how to apply eyelashes easily
We carefully remove the eyelashes from the eyelash tray with tweezers, then apply the glue to the eyelashes band and then put them on, but be careful not to apply glue on the false eyelashes, because our false eyelashes are not easy to clean, which will reduce the life of the eyelashes. When wearing false eyelashes, do not go to the swimming pool and other places with water. long-term immersion in water will cause our eyelashes fall off. To make sure we are always beautiful, we must take care to avoid this problem.

How to make eyelashes fit our eyes?
The eyelashes we usually buy are bigger than our eyes. Some people don’t want to lose some of them because the eyelashes they buy are expensive, so even if they don’t fit, they won’t be cut, but I want to talk about our eyelashes. All need to be trimmed, because only the eyelashes that are trimmed to your own eyes can be more beautiful, and our eyelashes are more suitable. So generally trimming the eyelashes only requires slightly trimming the ends of the eyelashes band.

How to extend the life of eyelashes?
♥Do a good job of preventing wear and tear. Don’t violently tear our eyelashes. This can cause our eyelashes to fall off or tear our eyelashes.
♥ Cleaning: Do not use excessive force when cleaning eyelashes. Gently wipe the eyelashes to ensure that after cleaning the eyelashes, use a hair dryer to gently dry the eyelashes to restore the eyelashes. Carefully put it back in the original box.

Lemer Lashes is wholesale mink lashes vendor, best mink eyelashes supplier, wholesale mink lashes manufacturer, faux mink eyelashes factory. We supply individual for personal use also wholesale. If you are a beginner want to know more about eyelashes, read to learn more about eyelashes. If you are doing the lash line new and want to find the best mink eyelash vendor, you can send us a message, we will give you the best eyelashes. If you want to wholesale mink lashes you can contact us below:

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How To Apply Eyelashes To Keep More Beautiful

How To Wear Eyelashes To Keep More Beautiful

Whether it’s celebrities on the red carpet, TV anchors, a former first lady. Women of all ages have eyelashes so long and lush that a sideways glance is akin to a monologue on femininity, personal power and the irresistible pleasures.
Mink Eyelashes was once makeup reserved for a special occasion has become everyday glamour.—-Mink eyelashes are everywhere.

So you know how to wear Mink lashes and mink eyelashes can make eyes look bigger and more bright Therefore, 3D Mink lashes became everyone’s common choice. This is not the case when we posted it by ourselves. Therefore how to wear Mink lashes?

First: Prepare for the tools for apply mink lashes.

One pair amazing mink lashes, lashes applicators, 1 pair scissors, eyelashes glue, eyelashes curler.

Second: Cut mink lashes length suitable to eyes.
Grab your power lashes and put is against your eye and measure the length. Most of time it’s going to be long, so need to trim the edges. We recommend trim from the outer edge to keep the length of the mink lashes

Third: Apply glue on the mink lashes.
Apply the glue along the band of mink lashes, wait for 30 seconds keep the glue on Mink lashes semi-dry state, because the viscosity is the highest.

Fourth: Use eyelashes curler curl natural eye lashes.
Before apply the Mink lashes, use the eyelash curler curling up your eyelashes and both the false eyelashes and your natural eyelashes go in the secure direction.

Fifth: Apply mink lashes on yourself.
The trick to applying mink lashes on yourself is you have your chin left up. A lot of people do this face to a mirror and put mink lashes on, but your eyes are closed. How to put lashes on? Head back a little with your lashes droop down and place lashes on the top natural lashes. Just drop it there, and use lashes applicators grab the end and front to put it down. Press by lashes applicators to make sure the middle part is in contact with skin.

Sixth: Put lashes a little up towards.
As the glue is drying, we always use lashes applicators lift mink lashes up to help open up your eyes mad make them not droop down.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Leave A Message, And We Will Continue To Help You Solve The Problem

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How To Take Care Your Eye And Mink Eyelashes

How To Take Care Your Eye And Mink Eyelashes

False eyelashes can bring us beauty and confidence. Almost every women use false eyelashes now. In the market there are many different styles eye lashes, mink eyelashes is the most popular. Mink eyelashes are favored by more customers because of their high quality and durability. Our Lemer mink eyelashes can be worn more than 20 times and properly handled easily without affecting the beauty. Follows are tips for cleaning your mink eyelashes:

Remove eyelash glue. Remove the eyelashes from the eyes, try to remove the eyelash glue from the eyelashes by your hands or tweezers. Gently remove the glue from the outer corner of the eyelashes. When removing the glue, remember not to tear the eyelashes. If you want to use your eyelashes as your own eyelashes, don’t use too much power to pull the eyelashes as it will easily confuse the eyelashes and cause the mink eyelashes to fall off. Finally, put the eyelashes in the eyelash box.

Clean the eyelash by water, but avoid long-term immersion in the water. Most eyelashes can’t be soaked in water, but Lemer eyelashes are good, but that doesn’t mean it can soak for a long time. If the soaking mink eyelash in water too long time, the eyelashes will deform and affect the eyelashes 3d Curvature. When cleaning the eyelashes, finally blow the eyelashes with a hair dryer. Then gently brush our bristles with a mascara brush and place it in our lash box.

Avoid using chemicals on mink eyelashes. The use of any make-up remover or any irritating chemicals/oil destroys the quality of the mink fur and limits the use of mink lashes. It destroys the shine of the fur, also the shape and curl of mink eyelashes. In addition, we do not recommend the use of any type of oil based solution. This can damage the eyelashes, not only destroying the structure of the band and eyelashes, but it also prevents the glue from sticking to your eyelashes when you apply it.

If You Have Any Questions, Please Leave Message To Us Below

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Do You Know The Mink Lashes Cost And Price

Do You Know The Mink Lashes Cost And Price

Many people want to know the price of mink eyelashes. Especially people who start eyelash line business at the beginning. In general, people who buy eyelashes don’t care much about the cost of eyelashes because he doesn’t  need.

Today we will explain the mink lashes cost and prices. Mink eyelashes start to produce and wholesale in China. The price of ordinary mink eyelashes is 10 yuan in China’s general market, about 1.5 dollars. The slightly higher quality price is about 20 yuan, which is equivalent to 3 dollars. If they sell to customers, they need to increase the profit of 1 dollar, about 4 dollars, the best eyelash price on the market is about 30 yuan, about 5 dollars, plus the wholesale mink eyelash price of about 6 dollars. This is the lever.

You definitely want to know the difference between the $1.5 eyelash and the $6 eyelash? Today, I will tell you why the price difference of mink eyelashes is so great?

The materials of mink lashes have different, the good materials are three times more expensive than bad materials. The bad ingredients are mink hair, very short, and many hairs have no hair tips. The lashes material on the tail is good, as it’s the best soft and natural fur when produce lashes. As that’s a very small part, because the tail fur is very small, so the price is very expensive.

The mink lash produce treatment process has different. The cheap mink eyelash treatment requires 5 steps, but the high quality mink eyelash treatment requires 10 processes, and the different processes deal with 3D effect have big difference.

The handmade produce speed also have different. The cheap mink eyelash workers produce 100 pairs every day. But high quality lashes worker produce 10 pairs meticulous every day to keep every lashes good quality, natural and perfect. Cheap eyelashes only keep quantity, but the lashes are made very bad.

How To Do It Is More Beneficial To Your Eyelash Business

Regarding the retail price of mink lashes in USA, the retail price in the United States is generally between $20 and $39. Retailers have enough profit margins, but some sellers only want to lower prices, but suppliers have no profit. If the supplier has no profit, the mink lashes production quantity will increase, the quality of the mink lashes will be reduced, and the process will be reduced. The cost will save a lot in several links, but the quality of the product will be much lower.

In this way, the supplier will send the goods to you, If you are new to the eyelash business, you may don’t know the quality of the product. When you sell goods to customers, many of your customers will report problems and lose many customers.

One question: why products with retail prices between $20 and $30 do not increase the price of the purchased product (this product is reliable and can increase your brand and increase sales). Many customers will only pursue low prices. Price, may be a high-profit moment, but a permanent small business.  We can think about it, you will find that a big company, or a big brand can not get the support of good products? The answer is impossible. Good products are the foundation of all businesses.

Therefore, I suggest that customers reducing small profits, and creating greater markets and profits are essential. If you want to do big business, make more money in the eyelash business, and you want to continue doing this business, a good product is essential.

High quality mink prices range from $5.5 to $7. You give the wholesaler a profit of $1. You only need to reduce the original $20 profit by $1. I don’t think you have too much loss, but instead, it makes your business easier to do, customer feedback is less, and good products will make your brand effect rise quickly. A good brand also needs capital investment. Good products can save more money for the brand.

Today I recommend to you a Mink Eyelash Vendor Lemer lashes , their price is about this range. This is not the most important, the most important thing is that their mink eyelash quality is very good, I dare not say it is the best, but it’s the best among the eyelashes I used.

Hope the info could help you to wholesale mink eyelash and your eyelash business. Thank you.

If You Are Finding Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendor Or Wholesale Mink Lashes, Please Contact US Below

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How To Do Your Own Lash Line And Eyelash Business Quickly

How To Do Your Own Lash Line And Eyelash Business Quickly

I know how difficult to start a new business. It is necessary for us to have enough courage. Many people start their ow eyelash productions and sales line gradually. The very important is how to find a good and stable mink eyelash supplier. We will tell you how to find good mink lashes supplier.

First of all, when they choose mink lash supplier,  there are many people pay more attentions to the eyelash price. When they hear the price higher than their own estimate, they will give up, and try to find another supplier with lower price. In fact, this is not right, because we started the lashes business, the first thing should be to use the high quality product to retain customers, only with a stable source of customers, customers believe in the quality of our products, they will recommend us to more customers.

The second is to choose eyelashes: At the beginning, we can consider choose several suppliers and sample their lashes for compare and checking out the quality.

The main things, try it by yourself to feel the eyelashes

1. Does the lashes fall off fur?

2. Is the eyelash band soft and comfortable or not?

3. Is one pair lashes left and right eye symmetrical?

4. What design lashes is popular in your market?

We could judge the quality first from above information, we also have to think about is the delivery time. Fast delivery is security and very important for people to occupy the market at the first time.

Combine all the above conditions, choose the mink eyelash supplier that is most suitable for you.

Lemer Lashes is professional wholesale mink eyelash vendor, mink lashes vendor, faux mink lashes supplier, custom eyelash packaging factory. Lemer Lashes have LOW MOQ for customers do lash production line. We supply eyelash do sample order.  If you decide do your own eyelash production line, pls contact us. We will do our best to help you.

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