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How To Get More Eyelash Orders And Successfully Start Eyelashes Business On Instagram?

How To Get More Eyelash Orders And Successfully Start Eyelashes Business On Instagram?

Instagram is a so best social platform, this platform have so many information, on this platform u can find the customer and also can find the lash vendors. So this is so important for us. Now i will teach how to use the Instagram to win the customer and how to earn more money.

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1.To Be A Good Editor Make Quality Posts

When you sell eyelashes on Instagram, you are not just eyelash vendors, but an editor. Only you edit the best eyelash cover, the best eyelash content, then there are readers who like it, generating buying interest. And they will contact u,and will buy more mink lashes.This way you can get more eyelash orders.
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When a customer has a idea to buy eyelashes, she will look for lash vendors on Instagram. When she faces a large number of wholesale mink lash vendors, her demand for purchasing eyelashes becomes a selection of posts and v-logs. When she selects a Beautiful posts, basically she chose the supplier behind the post.

Eyelash Round Case wholesale lashes vendor
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2.Follow Relevant Hot tags, Let Your Post Well Be searched

On Instagram, where did the customer see your post?

Customers are using a way searching eyelash hot tags to find their favorite eyelash merchandise, when customers search for an eyelash hot tag, what they saw at first sight are top 6 eyelash posts, of course, when they drop the photo wall, they can also see the posts below, but they generally don’t do this because only the best, most popular eyelash images are at the top.

wholesale mink lash vendors best eyelash vendors
wholesale mink lash vendors best eyelash vendors

3.So how can you get your posts to climb to the top six of the hot tag wall?

First, subscribe to small-scale eyelash hot tag walls, such as #lashvendors, which is very relevant to our industry. Customers looking for mink eyelash vendors naturally want to search#lashvendors, follow it, and add it to your post’s tag so that when your published, the hot tag lead your post goes up the bottom of the hastag wall. The better the post quality, the easier it is to be noticed, praised, and finally climb up to the top of the hot tag wall, and can occupy the top six positions for a long time until Topped out by better quality posts.

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Today will finished , and if u wanna know the nest step. Pls waiting me , tomorrow i will update the rest method.

Pls go on follow us, i believe this post will give u the best help dear.


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What Is The Way Do Lashes Business Better Than Drop Shipping?

What Is The Way Do Lashes Business Better Than Drop Shipping?

Many people do their lashes business want start with drop shipping. Lemer Lashes as the best mink lashes manufacturer, wholesale mink lashes vendor, wholesale 25mm mink lashes supplier, wholesale mink lashes factory, mink eyelashes manufacturer and wholesale custom eyelash package factory. We accept and support customers order mink lashes and custom eyelash package do drop shipping.

Do drop shipping of mink lashes and custom package please is a easy way for people do lashes business at the starting, but please attentions to several issues.

1st is shipping cost. Do drop shipping is easy for people to handle, but every time the shipping cost is at least $25. If you choose mink lashes from wholesale mink lashes manufacturer, if you choose just order 1 pair mink lashes add the shipping cost the total amount will reach or more than your retail prices. You will lost the advantage of your mink lashes in your market.


2nd is eyelash custom package box. Do drop shipping, it’s better do do your own brand eyelash custom package box for publish your mink lashes and attract more.Drop shipping you not get the eyelash custom package, but just sending out via the wholesale mink lashes manufacturer directly. You will lost a chance to publish your own mink lash brand. As not have custom eyelash package at hand to publish on your SNS or website more easily. As wholesale mink lashes manufacturer couldn’t take photos or videos so better as your own idea.

So If you want do drop shipping, you have to avoid this issues.  

Do drop shipping,it is wise to make more than one pair if you make an order from the Wholesale Mink Lashes manufacturer, you can begin with 10 pairs or 20pairs per order,and the shipping cost will be the same with one pair,so you can earn more.

The mink lashes custom package, you can let wholesale mink lashes manufacturer send half to your office. One side you have mink eyelashes and custom eyelash box at hand for post on your SNS and website. Also can send to customers directly when you have the lashes at hand. Once customer make an order,and you make your order to you from Mink Lashes Vendors at one time, and you can save you shipping cost and in the other word,you can get the lashes with no shipping cost.


If you want to get more info about wholesale mink Lashes and Custom eyelash Packaging just feel free contact us by Whatsapp :+8618561610496

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How To Find The Best Eyelash Supplier Accurately When Start To Do Lash Business

How To Find The Best Eyelash Supplier Accurately When Start To Do Eyelash Business

How to choose a good eyelash vendors and eyelash manufacturer, how to wholesale mink lashes to get better quality. These are often the focus of attention of people who have just started the eyelash business.

Mink lashes manufacturer wholesale mink lashes

Many people think that when they start doing eyelash business, they should buy cheap eyelashes to sell, because the start eyelash business is just not making money. Therefore, they will rejected the high-priced wholesale mink strip lashes products.

mink eyelash manufacturer wholesale mink lashes

For this idea, I just want to say that this idea is wrong. For those who just started the eyelash business, it is better to buy good quality eyelashes, even though we spend the same amount of money to buy eyelashes that are not as good as low-priced eyelashes. but please believe me, the customers you get will be of high quality, and even more and more. Because the quality of the mink strip eyelashes is very important for the beginning of business.

wholesale mink lashes manufacturer

The cheaper lashes they are destroy the stone of your business,you will pay too much attention for the after sale service,you should avoid the after sale cost.Even more ,your business line will be destroyed by the dangerous cheap lashes,if they do harm to your customer.

So you should not only to see the price when purchase lashes,you’d better chose a competitive and reliable mink lashes manufacturer with reasonable price,and the luxury 3d mink lashes would be your promotions specialist and you will don’t have to consider your after sale service.

Mink Lashes supplier wholesale mink eyelash

At last ,good luck and you are lucky to be here,anything about the 3d mink lashes and custom packaging box. Welcome contact us WhatsApp:+8618561610496



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What are Customers Care About When Ordering Eyelashes

What are Customers Care About When Ordering Eyelashes

1. Is your 3d mink lashes real mink lashes?
Of cause our eyelashes using 100% pure mink fur.

2. What is the minimum order quantity for your eyelashes?
Don’t worry, our eyelashes only need 10 pairs.

3.What are the styles of your eyelashes?
About our mink lashes we have the 13-16mm mink lashes,20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink strip lashes.

4. Does your packaging support customization? What is the minimum order quantity?
Our packaging is customized, we will send you a catalog of boxes, you can choose your favorite eyelash packaging, and we have a professional design team to help design the logo.
And the minimum order quantity for our box is 100 pcs.

5.Whether to provide free design logo?
Yes dear, if u have the logo we all add u logo on the package , but if u not have the logo u can send me u logo name we have the profession design team we can design for u and will add on the package, and will send the pictures to u dear.And when u confirm and order it we will arrange produce for u.

6. What’s the production time of custom box?
The production time of custom boxes takes 10-15 days.

7. How long is the shipping time?
Our company uses fast delivery and can be delivered just 2-4 days.

8.What is the parcel shipping price?
Shipping fee is different as weight and volume weight, and your postal address.

9.How to place an order ?
WHATSAPP: +8618561610496

Will give you a quotation and send you Paypal invoice with breakdown.

10. How to done payment?
First choice paypal, our paypal link email:
We also can use the western union and the money gram.

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