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Magic Eyeliner Lash Glue Pen Smooth Sticky Eyeliner Quick drying Glue-Free Eyeliner

Most people want to know if there is a way to simplify the makeup process, so after a lot of testing, Lemer Lashes has developed a very good quality eyeliner lash glue. According to the characteristics of the applicable people, we designed a thinner pen with moderate hardness. When you use it to draw eyeliner, you can adjust the thickness of the eyeliner according to your preference. If you want to draw thicker eyeliner, you can draw more strokes, black is so versatile, it works with all your makeup.

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Wholesale Lash Eyeliner Glue Pen Vendor

We started many market researches when designing the eyelash liner box, and finally determined the shape of the semicircular arc. During use, the shape remains stable to prevent hand shaking caused by discomfort. When placed horizontally, the eyeliner glue will not roll to the floor, reducing placement problems. From the appearance shape to the color of the brush head, the user’s feelings are carefully considered.

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Wholesale Mink Lash Eyelash Glue

We use a special process to ensure the softness of the pen while making it flow out of the water smoothly. The line drawn is flat. When you get it, you can use it quickly and skillfully to draw a beautiful eyeliner. The eyeliner production process is strictly in accordance with quality standards and does not add any harmful substances. It has passed many of our tests to ensure that the glue is bonded, so you can Eyelashes after wearing for a day.

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